GTA V Smart Fuel Mod [Pertamina]

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Smart Fuel Mod [PERTAMINA]


• Over 290 vehicles are independently customizabled fuel stats,
• This is the first GTA fuel mod that also contains FUELS, ENGINE OILS, TRANSMISSION OIL, & OTHER CONSUMABLE PARTS,
• This the first GTA fuel mod that CONTAINS 7 DIFFERENT FUELS splited between PETROL, DIESEL, ION, 2TAK, AVTUR, AVGAS & MINYAK TANAH,
• This the first GTA fuel mod that makes every single pumps at each in-game gas stations provide different kind of fuels,
• PETROL is for general cars
• DIESEL is for Trucks, Busses, Trailers, and some SUV's,
• ION is for hybrid cars,
• 2TAK is for bikes,
• AVTUR is for planes,
• AVGAS is for Helis,
• MINYAK TANAH is for Boats,
• You can choose and buy amount of fuels as you intended,
• You can change engine and transmission oil at any gas stations,
• If you forgot to change your oil you will get engine health degrade,
• You can change global setting by accessing configuration menu.
• Indicator HUD contains fuel state bar, engine and transmission oil quality state and fuel consume gauge.
• Diesel Vehicles are ussualy have larger tank capacity,
• Diesel fuel are intend to be more cheap than other fuels
• Hybrid cars are more fuel-consumeless but the Ions are more expensive that diesels and gasolines.
• 2Taks fuels are intended to be more expensive than gasolines since in real life we need to mix gasoline with oil to have 2 Taks,
• Avturs and Avgases are more expensive than any other fuels,
• Open LUA file with notepad++ to edit vehicles stats independently. 

Click below here to download latest version of Smart Fuel Mod Pertamina

 Manual & Installation

Get into any vehicles and you will see Fuel indicator HUD           
Gas stations (Gasolines, Diesel fuels, 2Taks and Ions pumps are marked with "white car" icon on your map,
Avtur stations marked by "white plane" icon,
Avgas stations marked by "white heli" icon,
Minyak tanah stations marked by "white boat" icon, 

To do refuel just go to any stations and a Refuel menu logo will appears and Press E
[Keyboard] and X/A [controller] to enter refueling menu.

When refueling menu appears:
Press W or S (Keyboard) or LEFT ANALOG (Controller) to navigate Up and Down,
Press A or D (Keyboard) or LEFT ANALOG (Controller) to set amount fuel to buy [only
when cursor is at "Fuel",
Press E [Keyboard] or A/Cross [Controller] to enter
Press Q (Keyboard) or RB/R1 (Controller) to exit refueling menu,      

 When inside any vehicle pressed (LShift + LCtrl + C) to enter configuration menu and a menu
like this below will appears:          
When this menu appears:
Press A S D W to navigate the cursor,
To adjust Fuel HUD indicator just navigate to "HUD Position" and use "NumPad 1, 2,
3 and 5" to adjust.
To save and back to the game just point the cursor to "Accept" button and press E.
You can configure every aspect of this game with this menu as you see fit.
However to keep this mod realistic and balanced we put a limitation for some
configuration items.
If you run out of fuel you can just press H to buy fuel for double price,
You can also refuel your vehicle with jerry can. to do this you just need to pour your jerry
can near your vehicle.
You also can adjust how much a full jerry can can refuel your vehicle inside the config menu. 

To install just copy this file into "Script/Addins" folder inside your game installation folder.
If you can't find any "Addins" folder inside your game then you should read how to install GTA V mods

That's all folks, i have you enjoy this mod.

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