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Fuel Maniac [Expansion Patch] v.1.0 

- Choose freely among 21 of fuel kinds divided into 7 kind of fuels
- Petrols, Diesels, Ions, Avturs, Avgases, 2 Taks, and Minyak tanahs. 
- Each of kind has 3 options of octane measures spesifications 
-The higher octane/measure comes with more bucks but they are less- consume 
-PETROL is for general cars, DIESEL is for Trucks, Busses, and some SUV's, ION is for hybrid cars, 2TAK is for bikes,
AVTUR is for planes, AVGAS is for Helis, MINYAK TANAH is for Boats, 
-You can refuel any vehicles with any fuels any octanes at any pumps totally free, 
-But the consequence is all yours 
-Using wrong kind of fuel can cause serious damage to your vehicle, 
-You can drain your tank at any gas station to renew your missfueled tank, 
-You can see damage factors inside "i fuel - fuel variant [EP] damages.txt" for detail. 
-Diesel Vehicles are ussualy have larger tank capacity, 
-Diesel fuel are intend to be more cheap than other fuels 
-Hybrid cars are more fuel-consumeless but the Ions are more expensive that diesels and gasolines. 
-2Taks fuels are intended to be more expensive than gasolines since in real life we need to mix gasoline with oil to have 2 Taks, 
-Avturs and Avgases are more expensive than any other fuels, 
-There's more coming, so stay follow    
- Engine heat consequences for misrefueling

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