GTA V i fuel EP i scan

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[i scan expansion patch] 

-It is a Dyno Run 

-Scan the condition of your vehicle 
-You'll need this feature as a main feature because some of indicator have been removed and the only way you can know it its with i scan. 
-Prices are depend on what vehicle you drive, more expensive = more money to scan. 
-Further will be added a quick scan feature [instant scan for triple price] 
-5 Phases of Status scan 
-Fuel usage detection 
-Parts usage detection 
-Vehicle damage detection
-Air cooler detection 
-Air conditioner detection 
-8 Phases of Error scan 
-Error fuel detection 
-Over use fuel detection 

There's more coming, so stay follow 

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Click below here to download latest version of i fuel EP i scan


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