9 important ways to run GTA V PC faster #6

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#6 Do not update your VGA driver immediately
     Yes, you are not misread the title. DO NOT. No matter how high your VGA is, still it is useless without driver. Of course people out there are always encourage us to always have the latest of the VGA driver. It's like that if we do not update our VGA to the latest driver that's mean our VGA is not optimal. The question is, "Will the latest driver always makes your VGA runs better than your current one?"

No it's not!

     I'm sorry if i'm disappointing you now because the fact is not every updates are perfect. I've heard some folks out there have some bad experiences after updating their VGA, including me.

     I've experienced for several times after i updating to a new driver suddenly bugs appear everywhere!! Black screen on Skyrim, Flickers on GTA V, Laggy on PES 2015 and many more. Including some of the other programs are also affected. But then after i rollback my driver to the version before it runs just fine, as good as gold!!!.

    So, i recommend you to always aware of every updates of your driver, but i don't recommend your to install and use it instantly. I suggest you to install it the take a review just for a second. If it does makes your system more stable or smoother or at least nothing happens, keep it, else if you found something funny you better rollback into your current driver and wait until next update release and repeat the same trick.

     Here's the link for Nvidia driver and Ati Radeon driver, you can check your driver here:



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