9 important ways to run GTA V PC faster


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     Grand Theft Auto... Again, this sequel of the game has gotten me into it's world.. deeper.. deeper and more deeper into it's deepest pleasure core. It's like a giant black hole that Rockstar has created and sucks me into it it and the fact is, i'm not the only one that "sucked" into that black hole of pleasure.

         I still remember when i played as Tony Vercetti, working with Mr Salvatore Leone trying to  start all over again to gain my kingdom and territory... I still remember when the multi million dollar mansion with a helipad on top of it in the middle of the city has become my very own house... What an astonishing moment..
The mansion

     Oh no, I think watching Officer Tenpenny being killed in accident, chasing him running with firetruck and KAPAAWWW... It's like i want to say "Sir, you are a totally moron...!" And me, Kendl, Cesar and  Sweet here are just watching you burned to the ground!!! Hell yeah!!

Tenpenny it's like end-penny

     Or when i'm so become over emotional when i killed Claude's girl friend with my RPG while she's inside a chopper. It's like KABOOMM..... that dirty damned bitch finally pays for what she'd done. I think getting shot in the opening intro of GTA III by Catalina friend is a creepy experience.. But wait, now she's dead!

She's now dead for good.

   All the sweet times are just passing by when i'm playing those games... It's all smooth and flawless... no need for a high end Graphic card bullshit! I can even play it with my on-board nvidia graphic card!! what a nice old days... For sure, bud... for sure.....

     Oh no...!!!!! What happen with Nico Bellic and Cousin Roman...!!????? Why....? whyyy...? Whyyyyyy....!!!!!???? why you
guys are so totally "laggy" and you guys are just like broken!!?? WHYYYYY!!!? Even when i saw Nico Bellic jumped off the boat and get picked up by drunken Cousin roman, the graphic are just.......... freaking annoying!!! I'm sad!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU NICOOOO!!!!!

     Shhhhhssss..... Quiet you dumb-ass, that's called a new graphic technology, you moron!! Go get your stupid-ass to the computer store and buy some stuff called VGA and stop become a miserable dickhead!!!

     Oh, sire....i understand... i totally understand.. At once, sire... I'll go to the computer store to get some of the holy mighty VGA for my game now... Thank you, thank you very much  for everything ,your majesty.... But, wait... i'd to take a bath first...

     After countless time playing as Nico Bellic in the city called New York, killing bad guys, gangbangin with Packie and finally ended up with Packie's freaking creepy sister and that ugly "thing" is now girl friend???? Nooooooooooooo, It was a very very very hard decision to choose which one will live between Fatty cousin Roman and an ugly bitch...? i'm confused.....!!! God, please help MEEEEEEE!!!!!!! I don't want to live with this ugly bitch!!!


     I'm livin the New York City now... (Pretending i'm not in Indonesia, Ssshhhh... guys, shut up! I'm telling story here!!!) I have everything, an ugly bitch, burned apartment at Hove Beach and the sports car that i can't even drive it properly because it was so hard to take a turn!!!! I'm rollin with my friends, get drunk, eat in fancy restaurant and after that i can do some off-roading and go to the Uhh... Des........ 


     "Take a look at Google Map, shit-head, Since when New York has deserts?" No, Sire, No... I don't meant to interrupt you but i really need that Sire....!!!

     I'm tired of ugly bitches, Awkward steering and burned apartment!!!!! I don't want to live in my friend's 90's fancy apartment just after i killed him in an alley.. that's spooky if i might add, Sire...!!!

     I need a top star condo, real classy bitches, responsive sports car (not some of the Coquette again) i need desert, i need beach.....

 "...This is what you need, my son..."
[Sounds from afar]

      Whoaaa, thanks to Rockstar that brought Los Santos back to us again.... Yeah.. Grand Theft Auto V... is an answer for all of my prayers for all this time!!!! Now i have deserts, beaches, fancy cars, true driveable sports cars and a top spot condos!!!!!!! and also a dog!!! Hey and now i can control three players... It feels like 4th of July... (Actually it's more like 17th of August, because i'm Indonesian, but 4th of July is also awesome).

      But wait.... why the VGA thing you said before that i used to play for Cousin roman now seems like powerless...? What just happened...? Sire..? Sire.....? Where'd you go? 

Shit, i guess i have to solve my own problem now,,,

     Hey you!! yeah you! Yeah, yeah you the one reading this!! Can you help me? I guess no you can't... Because that's why you're here, right?

//after a couples of experiments and typing later//

     Finally guys, I did it!!!! This is 9 Important ways to run GTA V much faster on your system... I'll share this with you...

let's start with...

#1  Be reasonable

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