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I'm sorry I couldn't help you updating this blog soon, but some nice friends from ngemiltv.com willing to help me to continue my project and make some reviews and explanations about my mods and my tutorials.
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Thank you for everything, guys. 

     Okay now, since you are here then i assume you that you are now currently playing Gran Theft Auto V game aren't you? Then i assume you that you also mod your game with scripthook, Addon Cars, Bikes, Planes and another modification. But i want to ask you a very important question, "Did you installed your own creation? If you're not then how about you start to thinking about making your own mod?

     I'm not a professional progammer at all. I just know the basic. Yes, that's it!!! "The Basic" is what we need to create everything!!!. What is in this world that doesn't need the basic? Even a girl needs "foundation" for her make up and the tallest building in this world wouldn't become that strong without it's basic. You know what, the thing is, no matter how little our knowledge about scripting and no matter how smart, high-skilled and charming a professional programmer is, we both have a one common thing: "Someone has to start somewhere".

     Okay now i'm gonna share with you a couple of things that i know in making GTAV Mods, but for the record please don't expect you will get something pro from me. I just know the basic and that's what i'm gonna share with you. But remember one important thing my friends, mod is a creation and it doesn't determined by what software you are using, what spec of pc you are running what OS you are handling or what type and format the mod is because those things are just a tool. they not guarantee your mod quality. The real power of creation is not the tools, but it belong within your self. Your mind, passion, spirit, and creativity will leads you into good creations without limitations! just like they said "It's not the gun but it's the man behind the gun". Even a small piece of paper can be a dangerous weapon in the hand of an asassin! So start from now on i suggest you to not depend on the tools, not depends on me but only to your mind and your limitless creativity. And just like someone says... wait.. um.... i forgot who said this..... ummm... arrrrgh,,,, okay don't bother but the thing is he said something like "a small program like  notepad can be either a powerful virus or a very helpful registry fixer".. wait wait.. i remember who said that.... that's.... me, yeah i rememberd it now... big deal. Ok let's get to the point. 

Note: this is what i will share with you but take a note that this will requires some time for me to create. The finished tutorial is when you able to click any of these links.

How to import vehicle 3D and make your own addon vehicle

How to edit texture

How to change car engine sound

Where is location metadata inside .rpf file

How to make GTA V script in .net

     But the thing is since this blog is my new blog that i just created yesterday for GTA V game, so all of those things above is not as easy as claping your hand. I'll start making those tutorials from tommorow and if you now found your self reading this it is very important to have this page bookmarked in your browser and also check for couple of hours/ days for updated post.

     Oh yeah and one more thing is if you want to ask another kind of modding this game, just mentioned in the comment section below because if i know how to do that i'll share with you guys. im sorry if my english is not proper because i'm indonesian.

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