GTA V Car Damage Indicator mod mrchazta

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This mod was actually some transformation from my old mod (Complete Vehicle Indicator) that
allows you to see the visualized of your current car health states.

I like realistic things in game so in here i try to add some more realism by add some
other feature like degradable tyres which will makes your tyres degradable over time.
How it works? 

-Ride your vehicle and your tyres will get slightly damage over time,
-High speed braking degrades more tyres,
-Handbraking does the same,
-Burn out your vehicle also does the same,
-also same with car skid.
-To fix your tyre just repair your vehicle at any garage.

Press "LCtrl + LShift + A" to toggle HUD on/off,
Press "LCtrl + LShift + Z" bring the HUD adjustment menu.

Please take a note that this mod will be extentioned to other mod (somehow i can't merge
the scripts) that will be released very soon.
And further this mod will not updated to .lua file instead of .net.

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