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If you ever installed "Ultimate Drive Control" mod you should know this Smart Drive mode, In that version, Smart Drive was intended to maintain your speed for cruising and for racing purposes it's absolutely not suitable.

Now i'm constructing some "Rally Championship Race" mod (not only a single race, it is a championship race). Actually when i was creating that mod, i need some mod to test and debugging the mod so i made this New Smart Drive Mod version for Racing purposes.

The reason i'm not adding this as an update to the last version in "Ultimate Drive Control" mod is because this version contains totally different engine script that if i ad this as an updated since the UDC mod has 7 drive modes this will be not matched with other modes and crashing the game.

Second, it is because further i will split the UDC mod into 7 different scripts so every drive modes will be able to expand and also i will add a Head Unit installation further on those mod (and also this one).

Third is because the Ultimate Drive Control will be expanded further in a different ways with this drive mod.

This version only works with Cars and Bikes, else it is not.

-GREEN BOX means Smart Drive is active and vehicle speed is automatically limited.
-BLACK BOX means Smart Drive is NOT active and vehicle speed is set to free

When inside your car / bike while driving you will see a green box just press "LShift while driving" once and your vehicle speed will be set free, once your vehicle speed set free if you release your throttle your vehicle will be automatically limited again as your current speed state.

Give it a try for about 5 minutes until you get the hang of it and you will found this is very helpful for you if you are into some Asphalt racing or Rally.

When you are racing or performing a High speed cornering with vanilla drive as you keep press the throttle then your car speed is keep increasing and this can cause oversteer and the only way to maintain your speed at cornering is pressing Throttle again and over again,

With this, now when you are on high speed cornering, just release the throttle press it again will be automatically activate the Smart Drive which your car speed will be locked as it current speed no matter how long you hit throttle. To set it free again just press "LShift" once.

I have tested over 50 races with my Rally Championship" mod in my game both with Smart Drive Installed and vanilla drive, It does gain my race time nice and perfectly significant.

As for comparation if i drove with Vanilla drive i gain time 1.00.000 (minute.second.milisecond)
with this Smart Drive i got 0.58.000.

As an additional feature i also add toggle on/off radio with "X" key.

Happy playing...

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