9 important ways to run GTA V PC faster #2

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#2 Show some love to your computer

      Imagine if you are in the middle of the game, where you have to rescue Trevor on the last mission. You are so eager, pumped and your adrenaline rushed up to the peak... Suddenly you computer just crashed to desktop. What do you think about that?

      If you need your computer, then you have to show some love to it. You must admit, you need your computer. Then you can't leave your computer alone. You have to take care of it now. Stop being selfish! Stop treating your computer like a bitch where you can use it as you wish and leave it with it's problems after you use it!

     Start from now on you have to treat your computer like your best buddy. You have to know it's problems, does it sick? does it tired? does it lack of something? You are a human and that makes you need to eat, right?. That does happens with your computer also, but they don't need eat, they need a maintenance to keep running at it's peak instead.

     It doesn't require you maintain your computer every day, at least you have to do this once a week. Week end is also a god time to maintain your computer. So then, what do you need to do to "feed" your computer?

Please note that i'm just gonna show you "what" and not "how". So if you don't have any idea how to do these things below you can just google it (or maybe i'll make an articles about it later).

1. Disk defragment.
     Unless you have a SSD attached to your computer and your system currently running in it, you have to defrag your disk once a week at least. You can do this by accessing disk properties and do defragment or using a third party program. Defragment your disk can help your PC loads your data faster. This one is very crucial and i highly recommend it.

2. Adding a virtual memory to your system.
     Despite of it's pros and cons, i personally have a very huge advantages with this step. Adding a virtual memory will help your PC while it's handles too many data on it's physical memory it will use the virtual memory temporarily. But remember virtual memory DOESN'T works like physical memory. It only helps when Physical memory needs, thus adding Virtual memory DOESN'T have the same effect like if you add Physical memory.

     So how much Virtual memory should i allocate from my hard disk? It's a lot of forum out there that discuss this, but i personally find it useful if we set Virtual memory amount 50% from our Physical memory. 

3. Reduce your computer load
     This one is very important because you will waste your PC source for the unwanted programs that you are not using. There is two ways you have to do:

    a. Reducing start-up load
        - Go to task manager
        - select "startup" bar
        - disable all program listed.
      Disabling startup program means those programs won't running in your computer unless you open the program.

     b. Stop your currently processes programs
        - Open task manager,
        - select "processes" tab
        - End the task of the unused programs
     You can end processes like Cortana, Store, IDM, bluetooth and other known programs that you are not using. Please do becareful with this one. If you don't know the program names you better leave it and DO NOT STOP IT else, it may cause harm to your system.

4. Reduce some of the Windows visual elements
    - Go to System in control panel,
    - Navigate to "Advance system setting"
    - in the "Advanced" tab inside the "Performance" column click "setting"
    - When "Performance option" windows appear set your visual setting.
I suggest you disable some of the indows feature that not too important for you.

5. (Optional) Installing Third party tune-up program
     There is many of this programs on the internet, cleaner, tune up, optimizer or whatever you usually call it. Those kind of programs can be a huge help for you because they usually contain more than one optimizer tools for your PC such as defragmenter, file shredder, startup optimizer all on one at ease. BUT YOU HAVE TO CAREFUL, if those programs have the ability to deal with your system registry DO NOT USE THE REGISTRY TOOL. It can harm your registry. Leave your registry as it is.

      But i have one of the programs that i've got from the other link and i'm using it currently. I'll share with you:

#3 Pay attention to your power profile