9 important ways to run GTA V PC faster #7

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#7 Install DirectX End User

     For this one, i have a very funny experience. A while ago when i'm installing PES 2014 i was shocked when i see into the bench that all of the supporters are just FLAT!!! No 3D model, They're just like a piece of papers that gather around the stadium! I ecen think to my self, "Is that the new PES 2014?, really!??"

   A while later i remembered that my Windows is a fresh install. then i managed to install and update my DirectX End User.  When i back to the game again, i was surprised that now all the supporters are alive!! They're have a body texture now instead of just a flat images.

     Couples of minutes later i realized that my game play FPS just increased significantly!! Very smooth and sweet.

     In GTA V I also experienced the same thing. Installing DirectX End User did increases my PC performances globally.

You can download it here:

Note: If prompted for password just type

#8 Setting priority on GTAV.exe

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