9 important ways to run GTA V PC faster #1

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#1 Be reasonable

      That's true. The thing is, you can not run GTA V game with an intel HD 4000 graphic smoothly. We all know that. This fact might hurt you when you are short on some cash or lack PC spec, but for your own sake you must admit this at this point.

     If you push your self or your PC further, you won't even achieve what you're dreaming.. Playing GTA V with 60 fps seems legit, but if that is the condition, i suggest you to pimp your rig first. You can either search for used stuff or by from a sale with a nice discount, that's seems a possible ways to do.

    Same thing happens here when you have a middle class of the rig (i don't say only VGA, because this kind of game requires a one-man-army PC Spec to run on very high setting) you have to be reasonable also. If you are rolling with (let's say) ATI Radeon HD 7000 series with 2 GB of RAM and a dual core proc  graphic i suggest you not to push your PC to run what it's can not run.

     I'm talking about your game setting. If that case, you should try to run the game with minimum graphic first. After a while, try to analyze your PC capability and you can try something else. You can try to increase the graphic quality slowly but sure. Until you found the best setting for a playable game.

     Please take a note that playing a game with very high graphic setting on average 60 fps was really immersive and enjoyable, but you have to keep in your mind that graphic is not always the priority. Sometimes you will find your self more comfortable to play a game with low graphic setting but gain high fps average than with high graphic quality but laggy like hell. So once again i suggest you lto be more reasonable.