How to install GTA V Mods [scripts]

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Thank you for everything, guys. . Okay i know this is a very common question. Actually there are some folks out there that already explains how to install a mod on Grand Theft Auto 5 game but since you are here then i'll explain to you how to install GTA V Mods. So here we go then.

First, you might want to check full tutorial making GTA V mod

Step One

      Make sure you have these installed on your computer, otherwise you have to download:

 if password prompted type:

          VC Redist 2008
          VC Redist 2010

          VC Redist 2012

          VC Redist 2013

          VC Redist 2015


Step Two

     You need to download these :





 Step Three

      Install all the Step One items that you just download.

Step Four

      Extract & copy:

           scripthookv and scripthookvdotnet and LuaPlugin into your Gta game.

Copy to this

Step Five

      Now you should have a "scripts" folder inside your GTA V game installation. now extract and copy NativeUI into "scripts" folder 

 Step Six

     Place and copy your downloaded mod as instructed in the read me file (some of mods may not have a read me file).  This depends on what mod you download. For example if you want to install Smart Fuel Mod since it's a .lua mod then alll you have to do is just simply copy the .lua file into the "scripts/addins" folder

Step Seven

      Prepare a cup of coffee and some of those flakes

Step Eight

      Enjoy your mods inside the game... :)

       Now that's it how to install GTA V mods [scripts]. That's all you need. if you have any question feel free to put some into the comment sections.

      Later or maybe tommorow i'll post how to make a GTA V mod script full complete tutorial from a to z for you guys... so stay tuned... :)

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