GTA V i fuel base mod

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i fuel 

 -Super simple fuel mod.
 -New compact & minimalist Dashboard design,
 -You can choose and buy amount of fuels as you intended,   -Fuel price is more expensive around the day,  
 -First GTA fuel mod with breakable HUD / dashboard according to your vehicle health.
 -The fuel usage gauge are displaying REAL TIME and amount of TOTAL fuel usage,  
 -5 major factors that affect fuel usages [More factor with some expansion patch], 
     1. Engine idling slightly consumes your fuel,
     2. Damaging your your fuel tank will cause a fuel leak. More damage means more leaks,
     3. Pressing the throthle will doubles the fuel usages, so now be nice and wise to use them, 
     4. More damage your car is, more fuel it will consumes, 

     5. As classic as it can be, more speed means more fuel usage.
 -First GTA fuel mod that CONTAINS 21 DIFFERENT FUELS (EP)  
 -First GTA fuel mod that CONTAINS DIFFERENT OCTANE LEVELS for fuels (EP)
 -First GTA fuel mod that CONTAINS 6 different real brand of  ENGINE OILS (EP)   
 -First GTA fuel mod that CONTAINS 6 different real brand of  TRANSMISSION FLUIDS (EP)   
 -First GTA fuel mod that INCLUDES A DYNO TEST RUN to identify vehicle condition (EP)   
 -First GTA fuel mod that INCLUDES AN AIR CONDITIONER feature for your vehicle, (EP)  
 -First GTA fuel mod that uses real world currencies ($, Euro, Pound, Rupiah, Yen, etc) (EP)  
 -The first GTA fuel mod that also contains CONSUMABLE PARTS, (EP)
 -There's more coming, so stay follow

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