GTA V i fuel mod

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     "Super simple or Amusingly complex... Play it your way".
All i can say is that this mod is just perfect! Well, even it still on an early stage of it's development but i assure you you'll gonna love this mod for sure. It really different from another similar fuel mod for Grand Theft Auto V game even with my other fuel mod as it predecessor the "Smart Fuel Mod [Pertamina]".

     Can you imagine this mod has 21 kind of fuels for your vehicle! Well that's pretty crazy for a fuel mod i think. Not enough with 21 kind of fuels....? Are you still thirsty and hungry for oils...? well you oily greedy bast**d!!! okay wait, let see... umm.... oh yeah, with this mod you can also have your Engine oils, Transmission Fluids inside your car. Other parts & services including Air Conditioner, Engine Air Cooler are also included.

     The most interesting thing about this mod is that with this mod now you can have your own Dyno Run test for your vehicle. Well... technically that ain't yours because you have to pay if you want to use it. I'm sorry if i disappointing you on this one :). Oh wait, where were we...? Oh, yes just i said a Dyno Run Test in your Grand Theft Auto game!. With this you can scan for anomallies on your vehicles and it's not just only working on cars, but all vehicles inside the game including bikes, boats, planes and even helis and boats, hell yeah...

     Man, what kind of anomallies do we have to deal with anyway...? So, put it like this, if you drive your car around the city and crasing things around you like a drunken maniac driver doing his driver license test then the most possible thing to happen is you ended up crashing your vehicle. Don;t be sad... look at the bright side, you're not alone... many of GTAV's players does the same thing as you did... Chin up....!!!

     So what are you waiting for? I mean... what am i waiting for anyway? let's see how this mod works.

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