GTA V Life Is Not That Easy mod mrchazta

I'm sorry I couldn't help you updating this blog soon, but some nice friends from willing to help me to continue my project and make some reviews and explanations about my mods and my tutorials.
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Think your game is too arcade?. Install this mod, play your game and wake up then you will understand why Life is not that easy.

You also have to take a note for these things:
-You can call Dave (press "B") for help as long as he is at work (Mon-Thu, 9AM-16PM)
-After you just hit any vehicles or pedestrian you can avoid stars if you pay for your mistakes. Stop your vehicle and Press "E" to pay. (You only have 15 seconds for this)
-If you inside any vehicles and if your vehicle is not yours (Stolen or cheat) then polices will notice that you are driving stolen vehicle.
-If you driving any vehicles (Bought on the internet or drive new car for at least 3 hours) then it should be fine.


-Installing "Ultimate Drive Control" will be VERY HELPFUL for you to maintain your vehicle speed.
-Installing this mod together with "Tricky Vehicle Business" and "Customizable Max Ammo"
will make this mod more exiting.
-If you have any ideas for other features of this mod please mention as comment. I will consider it on next version release

-More rules and laws
-More animations
-Surrender your self to the police.
-Pay for your bounty on FIB HQ.
-Need eat, sleep and sick & go to the doctor (Dunno if this gonna be feature or new mod)
-Pay Toll booths,
-Pay tickets to any location you visit (Funfairs, Banks, Ect, Ports, marinas, play park).

-Many bug fixed
-Time for paying now more accurate

--V.4.0 - RELEASED
-[NEW] The best part is now you can switch all feartures on/off as your liking, yeehaa,
-[NEW] Kiss your health regeneration goodbye,
-[NEW] Health below 50% = start bleeding
-[NEW] Health check-up at any hospitals = regain your health,
-[NEW] After you died, now your health is very low (you have get multiple medic checks until full)
-[NEW] After you died, you weapons are siezed by hospitals,
-[NEW] Pay for extra surgery after you died,
-[NEW] Pay yourself a ransom if you got arrested by Five-O's,
-Not affects you when you inside any police vehicles
-Not affects you when you on any planes/ helis.
-Jacking vehicles = trouble
-Stealing parked vehicles = trouble
-Call Dave for help
-Pay parking fee
-If car is not yours (Stolen or Cheats) = trouble
-Hit any cars = Pay compensation or trouble
-Hit any pedestrians = Pay compensation or trouble
-Speeding on any pavements = trouble
-Speeding & Drive against traffic = trouble
-Speeding above 100 km/h = trouble
-Speeding on bikes without wearing helmet = trouble
-Jacking cars = stars
-Driving over 80 km/h = stars
-Drive & hit Peds = stars
-Drive & hit Los Santos properties = stars + bounty

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