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So, i was looking arround with Google and so far i don't find any mods that similar to this mod and (maybe, just maybe) this is the first portable medkit mod for GTA V.

This is just a simple script that allows you to carry Medkits anywhere you go and use them whenever you need them. Just as simple as that. Very simple indeed...
Just as simple as Pressing "H" to aids you in game.

But don't get it wrong, in fact this mod is not that simple i assure you.

Beside from you can carry medkits that can aids you, this mod also will suck up your money if you are not wise using those Medkits and if you are sloppy at the battlefield.

So then what will you find inside this mod? Get this installed, play the game and you'll find out.

As an additional, you can also adjust the MEDBAR with pressing "LSHIFT + F12".

So guys, That's all for now. if you had another great ideas of yours i would be very glad if you want to share with me so we can add to this mod please don't hesitate to mention in the comment section...

Happy playing...

-[NEW] Add Medbag feature (for carrying your Medkit)
-[NEW] You can upgrade Medbag to carry more Medkits
-[NEW] Medbag can be upgraded for maximum 6 slots of Medkits
-[NEW] Different medkits for different effect levels
-[NEW] More Medkits you buy, more expensive for next price
-[NEW] More Medbags you upgrade, more expensive for next upgrade
-[NEW] 1st slot of Medkit aids you 10% of your empty health
-[NEW] 2rd slot of Medkit aids you 20% of your empty health
-[NEW] 3nd slot of Medkit aids you 40% of your empty health
-[NEW] 4th slot of Medkit aids you 60% of your empty health
-[NEW] 5th slot of Medkit aids you 80% of your empty health
-[NEW] 6th slot of Medkit aids you 100% of your empty health
-[NEW] You are using Medkits from the last slot to the first slot
-[NEW] So you now have to be wise for using your medkits
-[NEW] if you're dead or arrested, your Medkits and upgraded Medbag are gone
-[NEW] You can upgrade Medbag and buy Medkit at any hospital marked on your map.

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