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Need to go somewhere but too poor to buy fancy cars?
Stop become criminal, stop jacking, stop stealing, stop spawning and cheating yourself
just live a real life and be more civilized.

Go to AUTO2000 CAR RENT at the AIRPORT and choose your ride.

" more Sorrow, now you can Borrow..."

Just don't forget to have the car returned. Why...?
Because that ain't yours!!!

How it works:
Finally, This seems the first GTAV Rent a Car mod.
This is the first GTA Rent a Car mod that allows you do "real browsing" than just a menu browsing.
Yes, real browsing means all of the car are spawned in front of you and you can just walk as ussual
at the garage see all the car models displayed and choose which car you desire to rent then pay your
rent fee administration to get the car key.

Go to the AUTO2000 CAR RENT at the airport marked by a red plane blip on map and approach the window booth.
Press E to bring the Menu Up,
Walk into the garage and choose which car you want to take a rent,
Press Numpad2 and Numpad5 for vertical pointer,
Press Numpad1 and Numpad3 for horizontal pointer,
Press Numpad4 and Numpad6 to set Purchase Order,
Press Numpad0 to accept term and do Purchase Order,
Press Numpad9 to use a caddy,
After you pay just take your car.
Don't forget to have it returned.

If you first time to return your car press LSHIFT + T to toggled mark the garage with a blip. drive there. you can return the car without blip if you already know where to return it. The blip is Just for Marker...

Further i will make 5 classes of cars including:
--10 cars of sports car class (already on this version)
--10 cars of Luxury car class
--10 cars of City car class
--10 cars of SUV's & Jeep's class
--10 cars of Racing car class
If you have any thoughts for what car should be added into each of those clases just put a comment
and just dont forget to also mention suggestion of car price and rent fee per day for your car
that you mentioned.

//happy playing..

-[ON PROGRESS] Hyper Sports Class Cars (10 cars)
-[ON PROGRESS] Luxury Class Cars (10 cars)
-[ON PROGRESS] Racing Class Cars (10 cars)
-[ON PROGRESS] City Class Cars (10 cars)
-[ON PROGRESS] SUV's & Jeeps Class Cars (10 cars)
-[ON PROGRESS] More exiting features
//in diferrent mod

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