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Actually when i was creating my other mod, suddenly this idea was just comes trough, This mod is made in about half hour so if it's lack in any screenshots i'll add more later together with the other feature, since this is the first release.


This is a very simple script to customize your weapons max ammo limit. with this now you can freely adjust the number of max ammo as you desire. It is a script and that means you'll save a lot time to edit the weapon meta file one by one. So for those who want more realistic now with this script you can say goodbye to your dream carrying thousands rifle's ammo, tons of RPG warheads and hundreds of grenades in a single time without even slowing
you down when you are walking.


--I only include guns, weapons such as knife, crowbar etc is not listed.
--please note that the limit is INCLUDE ammo on your clips. So if you set assault rifle to max 280 it will shown 250 on magazine and 30 inside your weapon clip.
--by default this is the max limit of each weapon (you can change it as you like):

Pistol = 60
Combat pistol = 60
AP Pistol = 100
Piston .50 Cal = 45
Micro SMG = 150
SMG = 150
Assault SMG = 280
Assault rifle = 280
Carbine rifle = 280
Advanced rifle = 280
Machine gun = 900
Combat machine gun = 900
Pump shotgun = 25
Sawn-off shotgun = 25
Assault shotgun = 30
Bullpup shotgun = 35
Sniper rifle = 20
Heavy sniper = 20
Remote sniper = 20
Grenade launcher = 5
Grenade launcher smoke = 5
RPG = 5
Stinger = 1000
Minigun = 1000
Granade = 8
Stickybomb = 5
Smoke grenade = 5
BZ gas = 8
Molotov = 6
Fire extinguisher = 1
Jerry can = 1
Special carbine = 280
Heavy pistol = 50
SNS pistol = 50
Bullpup rifle = 280
Vintage pistol = 50
Heavy shotgun = 25
Marksman rifle = 180
Proximity mine = 5
Combat PDW = 50
Marksman pistol = 50 

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